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BK Venture Capital was founded by Mr BK Manjunath, who started his stock market journey with a meagre investment capital of Rs.10000/- in the year 2006/07 with an aim to make it at least to 1 Crore for his retirement life.

He successfully made the 7 digit mark of a crore by 2012, further due to uncertainty in stock market his portfolio was shrinking due to market crash hence he went on trading with desperation to earn back by Options by covered calls. Being a industrialist it was tough time to manage both business and the profession of trading & investing. He went back on his learning curve, started investing on himself attended lots of training programs, learnt from experts and made a strong come back in life to today where he earns a fixed income of more than Rs.25,00,000/- per month also owns a business & trades for profits and invests his gains on value stocks.

So a wise man once said, “Find a way to win, where you once lost”

Hence, our co-founder Mr. Mithun Deep BM, the man who curated the best stock market course that is helping multiple individuals understand options trading/derivatives. With a passion for finance and stock trading for over 5+ years of experience in the industry, hence Mr.Mithun decided to create an exclusive online stock market course that would teach people how to invest wisely. His goal was to provide a platform where anyone could learn stock trading or options trading without spending years studying finance.

The courses are designed for all age demographics which includes beginners who have never invested before, all the way up to experienced investors looking to expand their knowledge. Our course is divided into modules covering topics such as choosing the right broker, diversifying your portfolio, and understanding technical analysis. Each module includes practical examples and step-by-step instructions on how to make informed investment decisions.

Since starting of his stock market course, Mr. Mithun Deep has received several positive feedbacks/reviews from students/participants who have found success in their investments towards stock market, thanks to his teachings.


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